Chapter 3

A Broken Heart is a Broken Heart…

After years of brooding over working and being under the gun with my Grandfather, Johnny and Tony had an argument and Johnny struck Tony. He felt awful, called 911 and left the ranch. When I came home, there were cops outside. Johnny went down town to the police station, my grandfather didn’t file any charges.

I called immediately my grandfather said he was “Ok, but be careful, your father is violent.” I put the phone down. Devasted at what happened, but saw it coming.

Two years earlier of my parents divorced. A year later my mother and brother Max moved up north with her new husband. After that tornado ripped through the house, Bob & and the Limpkins family entered the picture.

After a couple years of marriage for Bob and Carol, one night, out the blue, a phone call came into the house. It was Carol telling us my grandfather had crossed out Johnny’s name in his will. Her husband, Bob Limpkins, asked Carol to betray her brother and get Tony to disinherit Johnny. Bob parroted from behind Carol on the phone and said it was “for clarity.”

It confused me, because I had just spoken to my grandfather, we were ok. Now suddenly, Carol and Bob have stepped in to take advantage of a bad situation. This threw us off balance emotionally, financially and put us in survival mode after a life of abundance, safety and stability.

Carol was a teenager when I was born. She took care of me- always fun times with aunt Carol. I had never heard aunt Carol cry, until uncle Bob appeared. I knew something was wrong. I just didn’t know there was a playbook and a word for it.

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