Empaths Have A Special Antenna.

Narcissists are on my mind, on my mind. There is a global awakening to Narcissism happing in the universe. There is a global karmic wave coming around, to reset the world. Narcs beware your time is up.

The only way to get rid of a Narcissist – is to go no contact. When a Narcissistic Cult is trying to snuff out your entire family, that is hard to do. A reaction to their posturing is insulting and you are cast crazy. Everyone is crazy, they are on a high pillar, their nose breathes rarified air.

I think my whole family has CPTSD from Narcissistic Abuse. It has been going on for 40 years. They keeping us off balance and poison our minds via triangulation from constant telephone calls. #narcnomore #narcathon #narcfreedom #narc2019.

One thought on “Empaths Have A Special Antenna.

  1. The “Crazy” part caught my eye. Every victim of a narcissist has some form or “mental illness,” according to them. I’m not big on self-promoting but you should read my book. You may find parallels with your narcissist. They all seem to be alike and they all DESTROY.


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