Self Appointed Royal Family

In the 1990s I used to call what the Narcissist was doing to us “pressure systems”. His name is Bob, an engineer, that works with phone companies. He lives in Santa Cruz, near the harbor.

He began dating Elvia, my aunt, when I was 12. At that age, I didn’t know anything about Narcissism. It took until 30 years in the dark of narcissistic abuse until God turned on the light and this cult was revealed to me.

Bob Limpkins father was a inventor. He made a great success and sold the company to a high tech firm, then used the cash to become larger than life. He achieved immortality with is his name in big, bold letters on building at the university. His mother too. That wretched stench of a prune faced tight-fisted Narc demon from the sewer. She looks to be the leader of the Narc Cult. Always wearing her college alma mater blue & gold.

A self-appointed cruel royal family. The first time I was introduced to them was on their tennis court at their home in the Valley. Elvira, walked me up to the door. Told me “They’re rich.” Then the housekeeper answer the door and we were taken back to the tennis court. I don’t remember meeting any people just little yellow balls rolling around and a machine that shot them out.

Then again, in the early days, when Elvira and Hob Nob Bob the Snob were married. My aunt took their family compound on Schwan Lake. A big house, that sits on Schwann Lake with a dock for a rowing boat. At the front door, just like at the Valley house, Elvira tells me “The house sleeps 24.” I remember seeing Mrs. Limpkins in the kitchen with her back to me and thinking – do you have 24 friends?

Blast forward decades later, I’m living in New York. One afternoon, on my lunch break in New York, I called the Narc Family Cult’s mother, Phyllis Limpkins. I asked her politely “What was she was doing with our land?” This was 2007, they had been trying to run us off our land since the 1982.

I told her I wanted to put a synagogue up at the ranch and make it a place for a Jewish community in Santa Cruz. She coldly said, “She wasn’t interested” and hung up. Stunned, standing on Fulton Street in the snow, why does this rich white, woman think my families land belong to her? The Limpkins did all their undermining of my grandfathers assets in secret, covert so exciting. Steal, gaslight people of all they have, set them against each other.

That wicked she-devil narc mother, Phyllis Limpkins supported, trained and lead her sons to use Narcissism as their life religion. Money grubbing hag is lucky I was 3000 miles away in New York. Snowing, freezing at my 2nd job downtown and this Narcissistic Cult is trying to run us off a ranch we have lived and worked on for 100 years.

I fantasize about kicking in her condo door, wrapping a rope around her neck, drag her screaming through the valley, then drop kick her dead ass off the roof of Limpkins Stadium.

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